Safe Ways To Enlarge Breasts At Home

Enlarge Breasts At Home Safely

There are a number of safe ways to enlarge  breasts naturally. Once upon a time the only way to get bigger breasts was to undergo an expensive cosmetic surgery. This led to many women not being able to get the bigger breasts they desired. Looks are not important and the size of your breasts should not be an issue. Saying that, many women feel unhappy about the size of their breasts and want to get bigger breasts using any method they can. Luckily for us smaller breasted women today, we are able to make our breasts bigger using natural techniques, all from the comfort of our own homes.  Thereby avoiding a surgical procedure.

There are a lot more options for women today. A lot of research has gone into discovering natural methods for bigger breasts that are pain free and relatively inexpensive. It is possible to enhance the shape of your breasts with exercise. Don’t get me wrong doing 50 sit ups will help your fitness but will not help enhance your breasts. Any exercise designed to work the pectorals or chest muscles is ideal. This will build the muscles behind the breasts and give your breasts a natural lift making them appear firmer and perkier. One such exercise is a wall push up. Very similar to a regular push up in all aspects except one. In this exercise you are pushing against the wall as opposed to the floor. Holding small weights or even tins of soup can help develop your pectorals. Lifting weights like this is a great way to make your breasts grow. If you want you could try my favourite exercise. In a sitting position ensure your thighs are parallel to the ground. Holding your weights bring the weights together in front of you and raise the weights into the air, repeat this about 30 times, morning and night.

You may have heard about breast massage. This is a highly effective way to make your breasts grow. You should try to perform the massage twice daily for maximum results. To achieve maximum growth you must perform the massage correctly though. Rub your breasts in a circular motion starting on the outside and moving your hands towards the centre of your body is the right way. You really should aim for around 200 – 300 of these circular motions each time you do the massage. Before you start rub your hands together to generate warmth as this will be more effective. You can also use special herbal oils to maximize your breast growth, this also helps reduce friction and soreness of your breasts.

Now let’s get a little scientific, there are creams designed to enlarge breast growth. You could use these in addition to the breast massage. A majority of these creams and ointments use peptide technology. This means your skin is able to absorb the ingredients in the cream much more quickly. A great number of the creams available have herbs as their active ingredient. This makes them a great option for natural breast enhancement.

Your genes will also have some affect on the size of your breasts. If the female members of your family have small breasts then it is highly likely you will have to. However using these natural techniques can help you increase breast size by 2 – 3 cup sizes. If you have small breasts and want a quick fix to give the impression of bigger breasts you have a couple of options available. Your posture will dramatically affect the way your boobs look. Standing and walking straight and tall will push your breasts out and make them noticeably bigger right away. What you wear will play a part in how your breasts look to. Obviously padded underwear will make your boobs look bigger instantly, but did you know if you wear dark colours this makes your breasts look bigger. Horizontal stripes will do the same thing.

So you are now aware of some more options to get bigger breasts. There are also pumps and pills that you may like to try too. Please remember though that natural methods will take commitment and dedication to achieve the results you want. They are not as instant as a boob job, but on the other hand they are not as expensive or painful.

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