Food That Makes Your Breasts Grow

breasts growFood That Makes Your Breasts Grow

Making your breasts grow is a common line of thought for a great number of women. A large percentage of those women do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, either because they don’t like the pain or simply cannot afford it. More and more women are looking at the appeal of natural techniques, such as exercise and massages that can all help to make your breast grow. However there are certain foods that can help you too.

A great deal of vegetables and some herbs contain naturally occurring chemicals which behave in a similar way to estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone commonly associated with growth of the breasts. Having the correct amounts of these phyto-estrogens will allow you to xperience breast growth using natural methods. It is really simple to add them to your diet or menu plan with no recognizable issues. Before consuming any of these foods or herbs in great quantities you should speak with a medical adviser, especially if you happen to be pregnant or are suffering from medical complaints that can be worsened by consumption of such foods.

The most popular foodstuffs to eat to make your breasts grow are:-

1. Watercress is abundant in vitamin E. Vitamin E is particularly helpful when it comes to getting bigger breasts. It also contains folic acid and lucien. Incorporating watercress into your diet is simple as you can add it to salads or soups with ease.

2. Another food that will help make your breast grow is fennel seeds. They are rich with flavanoids. These flavanoids contain properties similar to estrogen. Do not worry as they are non-toxic and completely harmless.

3. A common herb that contains a good amount of phyto-estrogens is fenugreek. Fenugreek helps the body to produce various hormones that are essential to develop the mammaries.

4. Red clover as a large amount of helpful nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin c. It also contains isoflavones. They are extremely abundant in red clover. isoflavones are similar in behaviour to estrogen, they are also water soluble.

5. Dandelion root is useful to have in your arsenal. The main function of it is to help remove excess fluids from within the body. Getting rid of excess fluids helps production of healthy cells and tissues, which you need for bigger breasts.

6. Physosterols are good for anyone looking to get bigger breasts. They are normally found in saw palmetto berries. These berries are a deep red color and larger than a lot of other berries. In recent studies it has been discovered that saw palmetto can help to reverse atrophy in your breasts. Atrophy is the condition when your cells begin to waste away and break down. If you are looking for bigger breasts you will want to avoid this at all costs.

7. Dong Quai is really useful too. The effects that this root has is to help your body use hormones correctly. A benefit of dong quai is it will help produce progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that diminishes around the time of menopause. As you are looking for healthy breast tissues the nutrients contained in these are a must.

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